We supply powerchairs that can be modified to ensure complete comfort and style.

Products that are tailored to you

Stairlifts can enable you to gain independence within your home

Care Plus Mobility offers a range of installed straight and curved stairlifts which come with a wireless remote control which is simple to use.

When you choose us for mobility aid products, you’re sure to receive individual attention.

Stairlifts are the perfect way to restore your independance and allow you to travel safely to the upper levels of your home.

A brooks stairlift at the top of the stairs

Will a Stairlift Benefit Me or a Loved One?

Stairlifts are ideally suited for those with limited mobility and who struggle to climb the stairs. If it is unsafe for yourself or a loved one to access the upper levels of your property then a stairlift is a viable option. As the other solutions are to move to a lower room in your property or purchase a bungalow – many do not want to lose their independence and pursue these solutions. Using a stairlift – you are able to access your staircase safely and independently.

Stairlifts will also give you more energy – allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life. As travelling up and down your stairs will be automated, there is no risk to you or a loved one / carer being injured should an accident happen on the stairs. Should you be looking for a safe and simple way to access your stairs – a stairlift is the perfect choice for you.

Lady sitting on stairlift descending the stairs
Stairlift at the bottom of the stairs

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You can visit our centres in Paulton near Bath, and Swindon for a consultation with our specialists to discuss your mobility aid requirements or contact us to arrange an assessment.

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