Investing in a Powerchair – The Benefits


If you or a loved one are a wheelchair user – you may have seen or heard about powerchairs. Powerchairs are powered wheelchairs that allow for greater control and allows for those with restricted mobility to be able to travel long distances safely. When looking for a new powerchair – it’s important to know all of the different considerations that you need to make as well as fully understand the benefits that you can expect to enjoy when choosing your powerchair.


At Care Plus Mobility – we offer a wide range of powerchairs suited for your personal requirements. This article will inform you about what you should think about when choosing your powerchair and goes into more detail on the reasons as to why you should make the decision and invest in a powerchair. We also discuss the various ways that you can acquire your powerchair including the Motability Scheme should you be eligible for this.


If you are interested in finding out more about purchasing or acquiring a powerchair from our mobility shop in Bath or mobility shop in Swindon – get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. Use an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01761 417 355


Choosing a Powerchair – Assessing Your Needs 


If you decide that you are considering a powerchair – the first thing that you will need to do is assess your needs. At Care Plus Mobility we can offer free assessments and advice, we would bring along equipment for you to try and discuss your personal requirements. This can help you to understand your requirements and ensures that you fully understand how our equipment can benefit you in the long run.


The more specific requirements that you have – including posture or pressure relief will mean that typically you will need to consider a larger investment. This is because of the fact that your comfort is paramount and the more basic models may not fit comfortably. You will also need to consider where you are going to be visiting often and what you need from your powerchair when indoors and outdoors. If you require a more powerful powerchair for example then you will have to consider how you will get around as well as how to transport your powerchair if you are travelling in the car often. 


Why Choose a Powerchair?


The innovative technology of powerchairs allows for increased comfort – the ability to travel over longer distances as well as navigation over difficult terrain and hard to access areas where a wheelchair would struggle to gain access. In terms of comfort – powerchairs offer more comfort and have a number of additional options that can be used to support you while sitting in your chair. You are also able to shift between different postures which is ideal for those with restricted mobility who require pressure relief. 


With severely limited mobility – the use of the joystick allows for greater independence and allows you to travel independently as a wheelchair will not be suitable for your condition. A powerchair is also ideal if you do not want to use a manually operated wheelchair as this can cause pain in the upper body that can potentially lead to further health problems down the line. When completing day to day activities – you will find that increased comfort and ease of use of your powerchair will give you more energy and independence when out and about or at home.


Comfort and Ease of Use When Outside of Your Home


Your powerchair is ideally suited for travelling great distances when not at home which can help you get around without necessarily needing the assistance of others. If you do require care or carers to be present then you will still have increased independence and will be able to access a wide range of areas that were previously restricted. Public transport is made easier when using your powerchair as your powerchair is able to deal with difficult terrains and surfaces. Public transport is also becoming more and more accessible – which means that you shouldn’t have a problem using trains and busses. For the relevant services where you may need to let the crew know before your journey – your powerchair is ideally suited for these situations.


It’s really important to consider whether you will need to travel by car and whether you will need a specific vehicle to deal with the load. Powerchairs tend to be very heavy which means that you will have to choose a vehicle that will be able to bear the load if you need to travel by car. This may affect your choice of powerchair however there are many chairs available which will allow you to tailor your choice to suit you.


Leasing Your Powerchair Through the Motability Scheme


Should you be eligible for the Motability Scheme then you can arrange to lease a powerchair through the scheme. We can help support you throughout the entire process of applying for your lease. The lease lasts for 3 years with insurance, replacement tyres, maintenance, servicing and batteries are all included within the cost of your lease. High End Powerchairs with special adaptions added can be leased for a 5 year period.  We can advise you on your powerchair leased through the Motability Scheme and help you find the perfect powerchair for you.


Find Out More About Our Range of Powerchairs

Powerchairs can greatly restore your independence and therefore should be carefully considered investment. If you are considering purchasing a powerchair then we highly recommend considering all of your requirements to find the best powerchair for your needs. As there are many benefits in using a powerchair – it’s a fantastic investment so it’s important to decide on all of your requirements before you look for your new powerchair. We have many years of experience as local mobility specialists and have helped numerous clients enjoy independence and easier travel with their powerchair.


Whether you are looking to increase your mobility or want to gain independence then a powerchair is a great investment. When carefully considering all of the features that are available as well as weighing up the benefits – it is evident that investing in a powerchair can improve your comfort at home or out and about as well as allow you to have increased mobility. Enquire today to find out more about our extensive range of powerchairs. Use an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01761 417 355

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